The purpose of the Conflict Management (CMI) Institute is to promote fair, timely and cost-effective methods of preventing and resolving conflicts through collaborative problem solving on the part of organizational entities and individuals that will produce mutually acceptable and beneficial solutions to problems.


Mediation and Facilitation Services

CMI staff members are trained and experienced mediators and serve as mediators in a wide range of disputes. CMI staff also plan and facilitate meetings to deal with complex, multi-issue, multi-party issues.

Education and Training

CMI offers education and training opportunities in Iowa and throughout the country. Offerings include introductory and advanced workshops on problem-solving conflict management. Workshops are custom designed to meet the specific needs of individuals, agencies, organizations and institutions.

Technical Assistance and Consultation

CMI provides technical assistance services to a wide variety of organizational entities. These services include the design, implementation and evaluation of comprehensive systems of conflict management, which incorporate a full range of processes to prevent and resolve disputes. CMI staff also provide technical assistance and consultation regarding the development of mediation programs.


CMI carries out multidisciplinary research on dispute prevention and resolution. Particular emphasis is placed on research related to public policy formulation.

Initiatives and Projects

CMI has established and maintains an Initiative on Health Care, an Initiative on Aging, and an Initiative on Disability, and conducts projects in connection with these initiatives.

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