About Us


The National Health Law and Policy (NHLP) Resource Center was founded in 1981. It’s mission is to promote laws and public policies that foster and facilitate accessible, affordable and quality health services and related services for all Americans, particularly vulnerable and disadvantaged populations. It furnishes a non-partisan forum for informed dialogue, based on the best available data and information, between academics, practitioners and public policy makers on important health law and policy issues.


The NHLP Resource Center conducts the Program on Aging and the Program on Maternal and Child Health. The Resource Center also conducts the Conflict Management Institute (CMI).  CMI facilitates fair, timely and cost-effective methods of preventing and resolving conflicts through its initiatives’ on health care, disability and aging.


The Center’s activities include:

  • an information clearinghouse,
  • research and demonstration projects,
  • education and training,
  • technical assistance and consultation, and
  • advocacy.

In addition, the Center’s CMI provides facilitation and mediation services for prevention and resolution of disputes.

Staff and Consultants

A hallmark of the Center is its interdisciplinary approach to initiatives and projects. The Center’s staff and consultants have been drawn not only from the discipline of law but also from the disciplines of medicine, nursing, public health, special education and early childhood education, social work, psychology, and business administration.

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The Center has had a major impact on public policy and law. A great deal of this impact is attributable to the Center’s success in translating the results of its research and demonstration projects into the enactment of legislation and the implementation of legislation. The Center likewise has provided education and training and technical assistance and consultation nationwide. Since its creation, Center staff members and consultants have authored, co-authored or edited a number of publications in connection with Center initiatives and projects.

Affiliations and Collaborative Relationships

The Resource Center is affiliated with the University of Iowa’s College of Law. It regularly collaborates with a wide and diverse array of national, regional, and state agencies, institutions and organizations at other sites. Equally important, the Center is a resource for and has collaborative relationships with the University of Iowa Health Sciences Colleges.


The Resource Center is supported with federal and private foundation grants and subcontracts, consulting fees and donations.