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The NHLP Resource Center is a participant in the Nursing Home Collaborative (NHC) project. The NHC was created to improve the quality of care provided in nursing homes to very frail elders with complex and unstable health care needs by using a research-based professional nursing practice model that can be widely implemented and translated to a national standard. The Hartford Center of Geriatric Nursing Excellence (HCGNE) at the University of Iowa College of Nursing and four other Hartford Centers throughout the nation received funding from the Atlantic Philanthropies to develop the NHC.

A major focus of the project is the examination of the legal and regulatory framework within which nursing homes operate. The role of the NHLP with respect to the project is to identify the laws and regulations needed to promote the professional nursing practice model.

Project Publications

Gittler, J. (2007) “Nursing Homes: Legal Framework and Requirements.”Nursing Home Collaborative. Iowa City, Iowa: National Health Law and Policy Resource Center.

Gittler, J. (2008). “Governmental Efforts to Improve Quality of Care for Nursing Home Residents and Protect Them from Mistreatment. A Survey of Federal and State Laws” 1(4) Research in Gerontological Nursing 264